Facilitator Training

Are you passionate about addressing inequities underserved people and communities experience accessing palliative and end of life care?

Do you want to explore a more equitable approach to advance care planning?

Interested in becoming a No Barriers Here facilitator?

If you and your organisation are committed to reducing inequity in palliative care, advance care planning and ensuring everyone has equitable access to planning ahead why not attend our No Barriers Here Facilitator Training? The experiential programme will introduce you to the context of No Barriers Here and taking you through a day of immersive learning. In addition to individual training, we also offer bespoke training days in your locality which is a popular option for providers and organisations working in partnership or collaborating across healthcare systems.

“A brilliant day with inspiring trainers who held the space for reflection so well. It is really valuable to future palliative care practice to experience this.”


“I attended the No Barriers Here course in March which was absolutely amazing. The course helped me develop skills and understanding in using arts-based approach to advance care planning. Since then, I have carried out a number of community workshops for adults with learning disabilities which have gone really well. It has also been really effective by going into some of the local supported living homes to explore advance care planning together through ‘No Barriers Here’. The project has been so accessible and inclusive for all. It’s been lovely holding the workshops in groups as it has opened up discussions between everyone in terms of what would be important for us when we are at the end of our lives. It really is creating a truly personalised care plan and I am so pleased to be using this approach in my practice to support underserved populations.

Advance Care Planning Nurse (Learning Disabilities), London

“Sharing space and creativity with No Barriers Here renewed my faith that it IS possible to have real and important conversations about what really matters, and that the paperwork can follow but is not the primary aim. No Barriers Here is both astoundingly simple (Who? Where? How? What is important? What is my legacy? And highly complex…we are after all mixed up, interconnected, complicated creatures with rich history, experience, values and beliefs. But the joy of it is the space it holds to be and the play, art, gentle guidance, lack of judgement and dismantling of barriers which create REAL and meaningful conversation. Time to reflect without a tick box, without someone else’s agenda…The essence of safety… a true ACP opportunity which really matters for everyone. Designed by and with those who are truly not heard.”

Palliative Care Strategic Nurse Consultant, Warwickshire

“I can honestly say that this has been the most enjoyable training I have carried out in a long time. Facilitation was excellent- I feel like I have a new view on the subject.”

Palliative Care Nurse, Somerset

“We are holding our first No Barriers Here workshops next week, very excited to get started.”

Dementia Palliative Care Nurse, Derbyshire